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Bryant Roofing Systems is a roofing company in Fishers that offers a full range of services from roof repair and maintenance to new roof and gutter installation. We are dedicated to making sure that each customer is given the best value for their hard-earned dollar. With all of the services we offer, there are several things that separate our Fishers roofing company from other Central Indiana roofing contractors. If you are in need of a roofing contractor in Fishers, IN, call us at 317-342-4050 or email us at

Fishers Indiana Roofing Contractors

One of the reasons why our Fishers Indiana roofing company has become so popular is because of our highly skilled employees. Many of our new roofing customers are beyond satisfied with the work of our Fishers roofing contractors. At Bryant, our employees go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are happy. That is just how caring our people are.

Roofing Company in Fishers, Indiana

An Affordable Roofing Company in Fishers

Another reason why our Fishers roofing company is a good choice is because of our ability to work with clients of many budgets. It is possible to have a great roof without spending a fortune. Of course, if you want a new roof that looks amazing and is also durable, at Bryant, we may recommend a metal roof installation, as we are the leading providers of durable metal roof installation. We also have several roof financing options available.

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As a rule of thumb, the least expensive roofing option is to choose a do-it-yourself project. While you may save some money by doing this, you should be careful about the materials used so that you are not damaging the house. It is best to hire an expert Fishers roofing contract. If you are working with a reputable Fishers roofing company, they should be able to recommend the right products.


A Variety of Roofing Options

At Bryant Roofing Systems, we offer a wide variety of roof styles to our Fishers, IN clients.  When considering what is the right look for your home, you should take into consideration the colors that you want and the many options available. The type of roof available all depends on the homeowner’s preference! We do know that RIGHT NOW is the best time to replace your roof.

Some of the roofing options we provide include:

Select the Best Fishers Roofing Contractor

In order to choose a good Fishers roofing company, you should first meet with several of them. If you live in the Fishers, Indiana area, there are several to choose from. However, it is important to know that every Fishers roofing contractor of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. At Bryant Roofing Systems, our strength is our excellent service. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the best service in central Indiana.

  • Replace your damaged roof with a premium product
  • Reduce the fear of dealing with an inexperienced Fishers, Indiana roofing contractor
  • No project for our team is too large or too small
  • Financing for your roof replacement is available

When You Are Ready for the Top Fishers Indiana Roofing Company

Finding the best roofing company is not difficult. You can find out more about a company by asking for referrals or checking with the Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ rating. Check Google for reviews, we have several five-star reviews. Even ask for references, we have several. In the end, it is important that you choose the best roofing experts available to ensure that your roof will be repaired quickly, affordably, without any problems and with best service available. Call Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 or or just search Fishers roofing company near me.

Fishers Metal Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Bryant roofing technicians offer FREE inspections.  We are a locally owned, family-operated roofing company in Central Indiana. We believe in honesty and integrity in all that we do.

During your roof inspection, we will walk your entire roof and inspect for common problems like:

  • Bent shingles
  • Wind damage
  • Damaged flashing
  • Blistering shingles
  • Buckling and curling
  • Rotting shingles or wood
  • Missing shingles
  • Fungus growth and ceiling spots

At the conclusion of the roof inspection, we give you a detailed inspection report and advise you on your options for repair vs. replacement. We will point out the best solution for your roof replacement.

The right shingle type for your home is based on the differences between the type of roofs, size, and scope of the project, and finally, how accessible are materials, supplies, and tools for the job. To be honest, we love the durability available with fiberglass asphalt roof shingles.

The right shingle type for your home is based on the differences between the type of roofs, size, and scope of the project, and finally, how accessible are materials, supplies, and tools for the job. To be honest, we love the durability available with fiberglass asphalt roof shingles.

Most new roof installations are easily a two-day process. However, it depending on the size of your roof a roof tearoff and installation can take as long as three days.

Asphalt fiberglass shingle roofs last anywhere between 20 to 30 years. If you have a roof that is around 20 years mark, it’s a good time to call a company for a free estimate. Homeowners who are proactive with roofs and inspections will be able to plan better for roof replacements.

A sustainable metal roof installation is a much more durable, and ultra long solution. The average lifespan of a metal roof is close to 30 to 70 years on average. The long life of metal roofs can be attributed to the durable materials and coatings. Metal roof installations cost more upfront but pay for themselves in the end.

At Bryant Roofing Systems we have a variety of flexible payment options to help you with your new roof installation or roof repair. We have extensive experience negotiating with homeowner insurance companies to help you get the most out of your policy with as little OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE as possible. We also have an established roof financing partnership with Hearth Financial.

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