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Our Process

Our four-step customer engagement process ensures that we deliver a positive experience each time we work with a homeowner. We Evaluate, Educate, Plan, then Implement.

The Evaluation

Whether assessing a roof leak or determining the useful life of an entire roof, our process always starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Our experts will spend up to 45 minutes analyzing the roofing system from the exterior surface, as well as the interior attic.

We will gauge both the condition of the shingles, flashings, and all roof accessories while on the exterior surface; then, the condition of the roof decking and ventilation system while in the attic. Our experts document any concerns with photo or video to assist in educating the homeowner during the next step in our process.

The Education

Our customers tell us that “The Education” is their most valued step in our process. It is important that homeowners can make an educated decision regarding how to repair a troublesome roof leak, or when to invest in a new roofing system.

Bryant Roofing Systems makes certain that you understand your roofing issues, and that you understand all options to resolve those issues. Our experts illustrate both issues and solutions with photos and videos taken during the evaluation step. They explain your options and answer your questions in layman’s terms. No industry jargon or confusing terms will be used without an explanation that is easily understandable. Once a homeowner has been educated about their issue and understands their options, it is time to form a plan.

The Plan

During the planning stage Bryant Roofing Systems presents a write-up with Key Observations, a Recommendation, then proposed Steps to accomplish the homeowner’s desired solution. Our experts walk through the write-up with the homeowner ensuring we’ve addressed all questions and concerns. Most often we answer questions regarding products and materials, warranties, project timelines, and estimated costs.

Our goal during the planning stage is to guide clients down the best path to solve their roofing issue, while making them feel comfortable about the journey down that path. Once our customers are comfortable they’ve chosen the best path, we move to the next step, implementation.

The Implementation

Implementing the plan is our favorite part of the process. Whether replacing chimney flashing or replacing an entire roof, the key to a successful implementation is excellent communication pre and post project. Our customers tell us that they highly value consistent communication.

Bryant Roofing Systems pledges to always be responsive and communicate proactively. Your project manager will determine a day and time that works best for you, then guide you through the process from material delivery to the post-completion inspection. On the day of the project, your project manager will be onsite to keep you apprised of our progress and to monitor our crew members ensuring they have what they need to successfully complete your project. We promise to listen, to answer all questions, and to work with you to guarantee you are highly satisfied.

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