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Regardless of how you slice it, residential roofing contractors undoubtedly are masters at their craft, especially if they are properly licensed and insured. In fact, many commercial roofers can hardly keep their hands off of their own customers’ roofs. And why not? It is a highly visible, functional part of the home that people come to see time again. If it isn’t up to code, it’s not attractive, and it certainly isn’t cost-effective. All of that goes without saying, however, getting a residential roof contractor nearby is as easy as searching for a “residential roof contractor near me“, or by calling the team at Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 or email

A good roof is a solid roof, with a reliable system of flashing, ribs, and shingles. But just because a residential roofing contractor has already taken care of your roofing repair, replacement, or renovation doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet! Here are some more important tips on how to hire the right roofer:


Do Research Before Replacing Your Roof

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your entire home, and it deserves as much attention as the rest of the house. Therefore, take a moment to look around your property to locate where the roof meets the ground, as well as any other structural components like walls, windows, doors, and parking lots. This will give you an idea of what type of repairs you need to make, whether it’s a small repair or an all-out roof replacement, or a whole roof replacement project. This will also help you decide if you are looking at a do-it-yourself repair system or hiring residential roofing contractors.

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Ask for Residential Roof Contractor Recommendations

Ask your neighbors, friends, and family members about their roofs. They may have had experience with residential roof installation, or they may know someone who has. Asking around will help you get a general sense of what types of problems different types of roofs cause and how experienced different roofers are. This can be extremely helpful when you’re making your final decision.

A good way to find out if you’re making the right choice is to ask your residential roofing contractors for a portfolio of past jobs. If they don’t have any former clients listed, or if they’ve done a lot of jobs but have yet to list them on their website, this may not be a good sign. It’s always a good idea to call a company and ask for references before hiring anyone. In fact, if you can find a residential roofing contractors’ manager or representative on the website, that’s even better.


Examine the Residential Roof Cost

When you contact residential roofing contractors, ask specifically what their rates are going to be for the job. Most companies will come up with a standard rate that represents the total cost of a repair, including all labor costs. Some companies will tack on a few extra dollars for things like getting rid of old shingles and adding new ones, and will probably work to a certain time frame. Be sure you get an accurate number, as not everyone will need repairs at the same time.

Choose the Best Fit for a Residential Roof

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful roof installed, only to see it sag halfway through a year later. Before you contact residential roofing contractors, consider whether the best fit for your home will involve spending more money upfront, or reworking shingles. Some people have roofs that are so easily damaged that only replacing the damaged shingles is sufficient. Other homeowners prefer to replace the entire roof since it’s much more expensive. Always ask a contractor if their estimates consider both the cost of doing the job and the time it will take for them to replace everything.


Get Your Residential Roof Inspected Today

If the roof is damaged or falling apart, don’t just push it off to the side and think it’ll fix itself. Even if it seems like it’s holding up fine on the outside, there could be some damage beneath the shingles. Expert residential roofing contractors, like Bryant Roofing Systems, can give you a quote based upon the shingle you have now, as well as an estimate of what it will cost to replace it. If your roof needs to be replaced entirely, the process involved should also be taken into consideration. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a leaking roof,  so contact the team at Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 or email at

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