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Your roof works hard to protect your household from the elements, but eventually, it will experience too much wear and tear to do its job. The problem is homeowners are not always sure when a roof replacement is needed or how the process is different than typical repairs and maintenance. The Central Indiana roof replacement experts at Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 or email us at [email protected]. Hopefully, with our help and this guide, you should be able to clear up any confusion you might have. We are easy as searching for, “roof replacement near me“.

It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

The traditionally manufactured asphalt roof has a life span between 20-25 years. Therefore, you should think about updating it around this time. However, other circumstances could cause it to wear prematurely, and you should be on the lookout for warning signs. These include the following issues with shingles:

  • Cracked
  • Curling
  • Missing

While one or two problem areas can be repaired, it opens your roof to leaks when they become widespread. Once rain gets into your home, it can result in water damage, mold growth, and structural sagging. 

At that point, the roof no longer functions as it should, and replacing a few shingles here, or there will not correct the overall failure. To prevent or halt further harm to its shingle layer, the current shingle layer must be removed along with any damaged or weakened parts of the roof deck.

Most Common Roofing Materials

There are dozens of different materials to choose from with residential roofing, although it is always best to understand your options available when you make a decision on your new or roof replacement, fortunately, you do not have to use the same materials you may have used in the past. We are going to discuss some common roof materials


It’s no surprise that a large number of homeowners choose to build with asphalt shingles on their installation due to their low installation cost and wide range of style and color options. The shingles that exist today are not the organic shingles of the past. Often regular asphalt shingles are manufactured to resemble other materials, including cedar shakes, slate, and tile.


Fiberglass Asphalt

Asphalt fiberglass roof shingles are less prone to cracking and curling, and they withstand temperature fluctuations better than organic shingles. They are also lighter, and they have a Class A fire rating, which is the highest rating for fire resistance in the roofing industry.



Homeowners prefer metal roofs for their low-maintenance qualities. Some of the most common types of roof materials used for metal roofing are:

  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Stainless steel

Metal roof installations are also incredibly durable, and the average metal roof installation cost is fairly low. A metal installation is highly durable and is known to withstand:

  • Debris
  • Strong winds
  • Mold
  • Rain
  • Snow

These materials can last well over a half-century without showing any significant signs of damage or corrosion. Metal roofing materials are also known to be environmentally friendly and are fully recyclable. 



If making more of an architectural statement with your roof installation is essential to you, you should consider clay tiles. Clay roofing tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors and add character to any home style. While they are ideal for warm regions and homes near saltwater, advancements have also made them capable of withstanding the freeze-thaw cycle in colder areas. In most instances, you can expect an Indiana clay roof installation or replacement to last well over 100 years!

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is another increasingly popular Indianapolis roof material.  This material is both known for its durability and sturdiness while acting as a low-maintenance roofing solution. The features of Synthetic Slate roofing materials include its super-strong rated 4th class impact resistance. Fourth class impact means that it is the absolute best material for areas with hail storms. It is also classified as a first-class material according to fire ratings. Known for its wind resistance, most synthetic slate roofing installations have been known to withstand winds over 110 mile-per-hour.  A roof installation with synthetic slate tiles can come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Only the Best Roof Replacement

When you are ready for an Indiana roof installation or a completely new roof replacement, we are as easy as searching for “roof replacement nearby” or “roof replacement near me.” At Bryant Roofing Systems, our extensive knowledge of roofing systems and applications, along with our numerous years of experience in the roof installation and replacement industry, enables us to consistently provide our customers with dependable, affordable, quality service. Call us at 317-342-4050 or email us at [email protected].

We do offer free estimates for repair or replacement of all of our residential roofing services. If you are interested in a free roof estimate or inspection. In our inspection, we will check for any problem areas or recent storm or hail damage.

Often homeowners find that their home roofing system installed has failed after they see obvious signs of damage on their roof, or inside of their home. It is extremely important to have a roof inspection completed at least 2 times a year to prevent potential costly damage that may occur from a poor roofing system. Below are a few key indicators:

  • Curled, warped, cracked or missing shingles
  • Deteriorating flashing, siding or loose seams
  • Leaks in the attic
  • An excessive amount of shingle granules in the gutters and their downspouts
  • Significant water staining on the inside walls and ceilings of the home
  • Peeling or blistering paint on the numerous areas of the home
  • Increasingly expensive energy bills

Performing a completely new roof replacement or roof installation can take as little as one day to as long as a few weeks depending on the complexity of the replacement or installation project. Factors that can affect this length of time include completing a tear off, steep pitched roofs, and even poor Indiana weather conditions as well as other factors can affect the timeline of a roof installation or replacement.

We carry all required worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

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