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Roof Shingles — What to Look For & What to Avoid

There are a number of types of roof shingles that exist. A roof shingle is a small thin piece of slate, metal, building material, or asbestos, laid in overlapping rows to cover a building's roofs and walls. The shingles are part of a roofing system. They get aligned at the edge of the roof after installing the roof  decking to prevent water from entering the edges.

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Does the Type of Shingle I Choose for My New Roof Matter?

When you replace roof materials, the quality of roof shingles matters concerning the durability and service to the roof. Concrete, clay, and slate tiles make durable roofing materials. However, there are bad roof shingles that you should probably never use in a roof repair.

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How Do You Know if Roof Shingles are Good or Bad?

A promising sign of quality roof shingles is the strength of the materials that make it. The material should be firm enough and should not break easily.

Another good quality of roof shingles is the ability to resist wind. The shingle should not get easily torn by the wind.

Water repellent ability is the next thing to look at. The shingles should not hold water. They should quickly drain water to ensure there would be no leakage.

Asphalt fiberglass roof shingles should endure the fire. The materials that make them should not be easily affected by fires, should there be such an incidence.

Having understood the above qualities, you can easily differentiate the best shingles from the worst. In this article, let us look at the worst roof shingles.

Worst Roof Shingles

iko shingles

Iko Roof Shingles

These shingles easily curl and do not hold moisture. This characteristic makes your roof develop a lousy appearance and damage regardless of when you installed the roof shingle by water evaporating so quickly the shingles crack and splinter in the heat. Make sure that you discuss with your roof repair professional

Wood Shingled Roof

By the nature of the wood roof shingles' porous surface, they absorb water and become easily damaged.  The water causes decay in the shingles, thus shortening the life span of the shingle.

cedar shingles

Wood Shake Roofs

The cedar that makes the shingles gives the roof a rough look characteristic. The same shake is not environmentally sustainable. Regular roof maintenance is called for to ensure they serve longer. Unless they get handled well, they will not be efficient.

Composite Plastic Roof Shingles

When you think it's the best time to replace your roof, you may want to go the recycled route. This is when you would look at composite plastic roof shingles. Composite plastic roof shingles are components of recycled plastic materials. Since they are environmentally friendly, this roof shingle is not long-lasting. The recycling process compromises the quality of the shingles.

Tile Roofing Shingles

Another really bad roof shingle is the tile roofing shingle. They easily slip off after installation, and you will be required to pay a premium for proper fixing. The slipping off may endanger the lives of people around the home.

types of roof shingles - aluminum shingles

Aluminum Roof Shingles

Aluminum is regarded as one of the most durable building materials; people and institutions widely use this roofing shingle.

However, it comes with annoying noises that can irritate you, especially if you want to live in a quiet environment. This roof shingle also gets dented by large hail, making it fall in the worst roof shingles category.

When Evaluating a Roof Shingle

When you want to settle for a roof shingle, look for durability, architecture, and shingles' weight. Be as objective as you can to avoid incurring maintenance costs and endangering lives. When you are ready for your roof replacement or Indianapolis roof repair, give the team at Bryant Roofing Systems a call at 317-342-4050 or email us at service@bryantroofs.com.

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