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Are Metal Roofs Sustainable?

As customers end up being a lot more informed concerning the requirement for lasting living, many house owners and buyers prioritize environmentally friendly living in their house purchases and other house improvements.

To satisfy public uproar for preservation, recyclability, and sustainability, those in the home renovation and building and construction industries seek positive choices that will certainly comply with even the most extensive standards of eco-friendliness and sustainable living.

Of the various building enhancement eco-friendly remedies, a metal roof installation is a sustainable roof replacement option that is gradually gaining in popularity even amongst the most hesitant property owners. If you are interested in working with a company that installs metal roofs, give Bryant Roofing Systems a call at 317-342-4050 for assistance today.

The Rise of the Metal Roof

A sustainable metal roof is made of numerous metal materials, such as:

  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized steel

Traditionally, metal roofs are known to stand up to some of nature's many different issues. Be it hefty rainstorms, hailstorms, snow, and sustainable metal roofs will keep homeowners risk-free and away from all sorts of windblown particles and free from natural elements.

Another consideration when determining are metal roofs sustainable, remember, in addition to being both fire-resistant as well as impervious to the most unrelenting climate and also bothersome bugs, metal roofing is more than an environmentally-friendly roofing option for their:

  • Unmatched long life
  • Remarkable energy-saving features
  • High recyclability



According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, a steel roofing system's expected life span is a couple of times longer than that of asphalt tiles.  Metal roof coverings have a considerably longer anticipated life span than all various other roofing products.

All metal roofing systems are malleable and can be pressed as well as formed without suffering any break or split. Enduring substantially longer than the average 15- to the 23-year service life of asphalt shingles, a metal roof can last up to 60 years or longer.

Integrated with its very little upkeep, it is not surprising that house owners enjoy metal roof coverings for their charitable monetary savings in roofing repair work as well as replacement. However, initial costs are  just slightly higher  than asphalt choices.

Power Performance

Making use of a solar range reflectometer and an exhaust meter to conduct their three-year-study on the energy efficiency as well as service life of metal roof, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Structures Technology Center found the high solar reflectivity and emissivity levels of amazing steel roof covering can significantly minimize metropolitan heat island impacts.

In addition, while white finishes on various other roof covering materials showed a 25% -40% drop in their initial reflectance, metal roof maintained most of its initial solar reflectance throughout the three-year research. Scientists discovered that pre-painted metal holds practically 95% of its reflexivity.

Another study showed that an unpainted steel roof demonstrates a high solar reflectance degree that usually goes beyond the minimum government EnergyStar demand of 60%. Depending on the shade of a painted metal roof covering, the reflectance variety can go anywhere from 10% to 75%, much better than the 5% to 25% variety of an asphalt roof covering.

As a recent study on the pattern of great metal roofing in North America mentions, dark shades can take in dramatically more solar radiation than light ones. Consequently, switching over to a white- or light metal roofing system will not only decrease power costs by 20% but additionally make your home 50 to 60 levels cooler than a conventional dark-colored roofing system.


An Environmentally Friendly Option

Lastly, the unparalleled recyclability of metal roofing systems makes them a fave of many "eco-friendly" lovers. A recent Florida Department of Environmental Management (DEP) study stated that a metal roof is one of the most eco-friendly roof alternatives. Several steel roofs contain up to 40% recycled steel, while the material of metal roofing systems in itself is 100% recyclable.

Due to its high recyclability and reusability, most steel roof products hardly ever come to be waste in a landfill. Compared to EPA's (EPA) estimate of 11 million tons of asphalt shingles winding up in landfills, it is clear why those in the federal government firm and residence enhancement market called metal roofing are a green option for every property owner.

Public Interest in Environment-Friendly Houses

A major benefit of a metal roof is that they are typically recognized for enhancing the value of the average home by 1 to 6 percent. The fad for going green is not decreasing anytime quickly. A research study done by various teams has actually, with one voice, located a growing interest in eco-friendliness and lasting living among both house owners and purchasers.

According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors, an overwhelming variety of property buyers make useful power devices, lighting, and other residence devices leading priorities in their home purchases. Of the surveyed property buyers, 94% are looking for Power Star-rated home appliances, while greater than 90% declared their wish to have a Power Star rating for the whole residence.

As the general public approaches a more lasting lifestyle, a boost in metal roof installations for commercial and property buildings is definitely in the future. If you are ready for a metal roof installation, Bryant Roofing Systems is a trusted roofing contractor to get the job done right.

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