Are Gutters Necessary to Save Your Roof?

You may never realize why your gutter system is important until there is a problem that requires your attention. People have busy lives, and the only time they are free, they may opt to do other things other than checking the gutters. Thus, gutters may not receive the necessary attention.

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What are Gutters?

Gutters are horizontal metal or hard plastic materials with a shape like a trough attached to the roof's edges for water collection and disposal. Rainfall gutters have a semi-circular opening at the top side for water collection purposes. The gutters system guides the water away from the home foundation and keeps the water from splashing on the home walls and windows. The gutters have downspouts that are vertical to the horizontal section. The downspouts direct water to the drainage system, which leads the water away from the home foundation.


Why Does a House Need Gutters?

If not well managed, water ruins everything. If your gutters are functional and useful, they will divert the roof water away from home. Therefore, if the gutters are removed, and there are no gutters on the house, blocked water may not be directed away from the house and may cause damage to the home's foundation and also causes water damage to the landscape. The end result is water damaging the entire house.

Water pouring directly from the roof is likely to do the following:

  • Erode your home's foundation
  • Flood your basement or crawlspace
  • Cause serious damage to the basement and the house's foundation

Therefore, to avoid such an undesirable outcome, have a gutter system to ensure safe water collection and disposal away from the homes’ basement.


Gutters are Necessary to Control Damage

Another reason you need gutters is that gutter systems work to reduce water and humidity damage to the houses. Even though the house gutters direct the water away from the house, effective downspouts are necessary to control the flow of water to the desired area.

Homes with Gutters are More Energy Efficient

Modern homes are designed in a manner that conserves energy. In the same manner they conserve energy; they also absorb moisture. When a house absorbs moisture, it can cause severe damage. For instance, during winter, the moisture trapped on the surfaces of the house condenses, making the house extremely cold.

Therefore, to ensure that the house is not freezing, or the water is not causing problems during the fall and winter, a functional gutter system is necessary to protect your roof. The condensed water on the window surfaces may be bothersome, but condensed moisture on other surfaces may be a major problem that can cause the wood to rot. Wood rot is quite expensive to repair.

Gutters are Necessary for a Healthy Home

A functional gutter system is key to have a home free of unnecessary moisture. A good gutter system helps prevents water damage to the roof, which causes rot and deteriorates in shingles, fascia, and masonry.

It would be best if you did not worry about damage to the roof with functional gutters since the gutters help eliminate the excess water from the roof. Gutters will help prevent the windows from moisture, which condenses and damages the interior, causing mold on the home which is another serious issue.

If you need a gutter replacement in Indiana, give Bryant Roofing Systems a call at 317-342-4050 to get your gutters replaced today.

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