Five Signs You Need New Shingles

Making roof repairs will only positively affect your roof if done before the damages on your roof have already occurred. When cracks occur beyond a certain level, then it spells for your shingle replacement.

Leaking shingles can cause considerable damages to a home, especially where weather can be extreme or even weather extreme seasons. Many homeowners face the confusion of whether to repair or replace their shingles.

In this assessment, we try to establish the sign of a shingle roof that requires immediate replacement. If you are in need of shingle repair, then you need to call Bryant Roofing Systems, a roof repair company in Indianapolis, at 317-342-4050 or email service@bryantroofs.com.


#1: You Have Missing Shingles

Homeowners should inspect their shingle roofs, especially after a storm, to confirm that their roofs are intact. Signs of missing shingles are a clear indicator that you need to contact a professional roofing contractor for further assessments.

Evidence of shingles in your yard also means that the shingles are not on your roof. In many cases, shingles dry up, curl, crack, and disintegrate, therefore ending in your yard. Following such signs of missing shingles, you should start to consider replacing them before more damages happen inside your house.

Eventually, if not replaced soon enough, you experience massive leakages, and the house might no longer be habitable.


#2: Lots of Moss

When there is moss on your shingles, it does not mean that your shingles wear out and due for replacement. However, if moss growth has been widespread and been there for a while, you should be considering extensive damage to your shingles. When moss is only visible in one area, removing it and cleaning the shingles might work for you. If moss gets under your shingles, it lifts them, damaging them in the process. Moss causes leaks by hurting your roof's capability to drain.

Moss growing on your roof can significantly reduce shingles lifespan if you do not remove it and clean it off on time. If, alternatively, you take care of moss early enough, it will not have a significant amount of damage on your shingles to require replacements. You should always ensure to remove moss from your roof if you identify it, especially if it is widespread. Moss is a plant, and it spreads very fast up and including between your shingles.


#3: Curling Shingles

Curling shingles is the first sign that you will soon start losing shingles from your roof. Buckling shingles is a sign that you should start preparing for replacement and new ones quickly installed. The asphalt used in shingles can dry and shrink over time. Your shingles will soon blow off when there are high winds. There is no repair for this problem apart from the overall replacement of the shingles.

Homeowners should look out for curling shingles to prevent further damages inside the house because of water leakages and moisture damage.


#4: Your Shingles Are Getting Up There in Age

A standard shingle roof's lifespan is 20 to 25 years, as guaranteed by most manufacturers in their warranties. Therefore, you must consider replacing them if you have not returned your shingles in the last 20 years. Many contractors have confirmed that shingles' performance is the same all over; homeowners who are still receiving services from a more than two decades old shingle roof, keep-going and see how long it can serve you.

If you have not had your roof re-shingled in over twenty years, you should call an exterior roof repair contractor to inspect your roofing. Your roof's age is a vital factor to consider when deciding whether to conduct maintenance or replace your shingles roof?

Most old-style asphalt shingles do not last more than 14 years. Therefore, if you have not thought of replacing your shingles at this stage, you must do so. The older the shingles, the more repairs they may require and a high probability of leaking; at this point, you will have to consider the replacement of your entire roofing materials.


#5: Your Attic Shows Signs of Shingle Damage

By going into your attic in your roof, you can assess your shingles' level of damage and disintegration. When sunlight is coming into the attic, there have been leaks or moisture that has damaged the wooden decking. Weakened decking can lead to roof collapse, and you should replace it immediately.

Homeowners can also do this test by walking on top of their roof. If there is a bouncy feeling to your roof, then you should consider replacing it. Multiple leaks in the attic can also be evidence that the shingles have worn out and need replacing.

Get your Damaged Shingles Fixed

A few leaks or even several damaged shingles is not enough reason to replace the entire roof if your shingles roof is less than 15 years old. If you install shingles properly and maintain them regularly, you will get by with some repairs. H

omeowners must understand the essential maintenance of shingle roofing to enjoy the full lifespan of shingles. On the other hand, you should have proper observation skills to identify possible signs that your shingles need total replacement.

When not sure, you can always call a shingle repair company, Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 today.

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