Cost Difference Between Exposed Fastener Panels & Standing Seam Panels?

Exposed fastener panels are sheet metal roofing systems made up of several pieces of sheet metal and fasteners that are assembled to create the finished product. The exposed fastener panels are installed on top of standing seam panels by using several clips that fasten the seams together.

Standing seam panels are a type of metal roofing system that has been around for many years. The panels are made up of a number of pieces that are joined together with clips to form a seamless surface, and they come in different shapes and sizes as well as thicknesses.

Factors that impact the cost difference between exposed and concealed fastener panels

There are several factors that impact the cost difference between exposed and concealed fastener panels.

  • One factor is the type of fasteners used in each panel. Exposed fasteners tend to be more expensive than concealed fasteners due to their added complexity and the higher-quality materials required to make them.
  • Another factor is the size of the panel and whether it is made from one material or multiple materials. Exposed fasteners are generally more expensive than concealed ones because they require a larger amount of material to cover all of their components, as well as more complex assembly processes.
  • Finally, there are also differences between exposed and concealed panels based on what kind of metal they're made from, as well as whether they're made from metal at all! For example, some exposed panels may be made from plastic instead of metal.
  • The most crucial factor is the type of material used. In general, it is more expensive to use steel fasteners than plastic ones.
  • Another factor is the size of the fastener panel. The larger it is, the more expensive it becomes.
  • There are many distinct types of fasteners available on the market today, which makes them more expensive than they were in previous years.

What are the major benefits of concealed fastener systems?

There are several benefits to concealed fastener systems. One of the major benefits is that they provide a clean, modern look that is appealing and timeless. They also provide flexibility in finishes and colors so that you can choose the best option for your space.

Concealed fasteners are also easy to maintain because they don't require any additional work or maintenance on your part. This makes them ideal for areas where there will be high traffic, such as public restrooms or restaurants.

Another benefit of concealed fastener systems is that they're more durable than other options, so they'll last longer and offer better protection against wear and tear. They're also compatible with many different types of materials like wood and steel, which means you can use them in virtually any setting imaginable!

Concealed fastener systems are a great way to add value to your home. They can provide a clean aesthetic that makes your home look more appealing, and they can also help you save money on energy bills by reducing the amount of air infiltration in your home.

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