Metal Roofs in Fountain Square, IN — What’s the Deal?

As Indianapolis roofers, we get questions about properties across the city all the time. One of the most common questions we get is: why are there so dang many metal roofs in Fountain Square?

Just take a stroll through the neighborhoods off Virginia and Prospect and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Most of those colorful new builds throughout Fountain Square come topped with a slick new metal roof — and for good reason!

Here’s why new homeowners in Fountain Square choose metal roofs, and why they’re a popular roof replacement option for trendy neighborhoods across Indianapolis.

Metal Roofs: A Blast from the Past

Okay, quick history lesson. Before we can talk about metal roofs in Fountain Square in the 2020s, we have to take a brief detour back to the 19th century.

Metal roofs have a history going back to the very early days of America, but they really started gaining steam in the 1850s — right around the time that Fountain Square became a booming commercial district for Indy’s southside.

Pretty soon metal roofs gained a reputation across the nation for their durability, energy savings and for just plain looking good. We’re no historians, but we’re pretty sure those early Fountain Square residents and business owners shared the same opinion.

Alright, history class is dismissed. Back to the present day.

Metal Roofs Offer a Hip, Modern Look

No matter what the century, Fountain Square is anything but square. Between trendy coffee shops, vinyl record stores and places to get a great bite to eat, the neighborhood is one of the coolest neighborhoods across Indy.

With that hip personality, it’s no wonder that metal roofs have made such a splash in Fountain Square. Compared to shingles, metal roofs offer some serious curb appeal with their instantly recognizable silhouette. They’re a great companion to all those modern, technicolor houses that have popped up in the neighborhood over the last decade.

Metal Roofing is Energy-Efficient

Looks aside, metal roofs offer some serious cash-saving benefits for Fountain Square homeowners.

One of the most common questions we get about metal roofs is “Don’t they get super hot in the summertime?” The short answer is that they actually do the opposite!

Metal roofs reflect heat, not absorb it. That sweltering heat we get during Hoosier summers gets bounced right back off your metal roof, so Fountain Square energy bills can actually be considerably lower when you’ve got a metal roof over your head.

Metal Roofs are Long-Lasting

Trends come and go, but a well-built roof is here to stay. For all those homeowners eyeing new builds in Fountain Square, metal roofs are a super long-lasting option thanks to their unmatched durability.

Modern metal roofs are made of corrugated, galvanized metal. We could bore you with the specifics, but the long and short of it is that galvanized metal is stronger and more rust-resistant than your run-of-the-mill metal.

That means that when you build a new home in Fountain Square with a metal roof, you’re making an investment that will last 40-70 years on average. That’s a heck of a lot longer than a shingle roof would last.

Ready to Go Metal?

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