Low-Slope Roofs: The Gold Standard for Indianapolis Businesses

What’s the common element between businesses in downtown Indy, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square and Irvington? Heck, throw Fishers and Carmel in the mix too, and the answer is still true: 

Low-slope roofs are the trusted solution for commercial roofing in Indianapolis, no matter what type of business you operate.

Here’s why Central Indiana business owners should consider low-slope roofs when roofing or reroofing their commercial buildings.

Low-Slope, High Reward

Downtown Indy is down with low-slope roofs.

Just like the name suggests, low-slope roofs are fairly flat — it’s why they’re also called flat roofs. Since water doesn’t run off flat surfaces, these roofs are made of a watertight membrane system that prevents drips and leaks.

Aside from offering a sleek, modern profile for commercial buildings across Indianapolis, flat roofs come with their fair share of benefits. For one, since they lay flat against the top of your building they don’t create an attic space. That prevents hot air from collecting and throwing your energy bills for a loop.

As an added bonus, flat roofs are easier to walk on. That means repairs are often quicker and cheaper when you call on a contractor like Bryant Roofing Systems for routine maintenance or to patch up a problem.

On a Budget? You’ve Got Low-Slope Options.

Things are looking flat in Broad Ripple.

Whether your budget for a new roof is beefy or shoestring, there’s a low-slope roof that has you covered. The two main types of flat roofs that most Indianapolis businesses consider are TPO and EPDM. They both come with their pluses and minuses.

TPO roofs are a recent innovation for forward-thinking Indianapolis businesses. They’re completely watertight, they reflect sunlight, and tend to last around 25 years. TPO systems are a bit pricier to install than other options, but they can add up to major savings on your energy bill over the years.

EPDM roofs are a tried-and-true classic that have been serving Indy businesses since the 1960s. They boast a long lifespan of ~40 years, and while they don’t come with any energy savings they’re cheaper to install than other options.

Low-slope roof cheat sheet:

  • TPO — Higher upfront costs, 25-year lifespan, energy savings
  • EPDM — Lower upfront costs, 40-year lifespan, no additional energy savings

Go Flat, Stay Open

Installing a new flat roof takes around 6-8 days. That’s a pretty quick turnaround, but it can feel like an eternity if you have to close your doors for the duration.

Thankfully, low-slope roof installations don’t require you to close up shop. You can stay open for business while we take care of your new roof. 

And since there are no shingles to mess with, servicing a flat roof involves a lot less banging around, too. That’s a big win for the sanity of you and your customers.

Stay Sunny, Indy

For Indianapolis businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, low-slope roofs offer one more secret benefit. Compared to angled shingle roofs or metal roofs, flat roofs are compatible with more varieties of solar panels.

Solar panels work best when they’re installed flat and have more surface area to soak up the rays. Forward-thinking businesses across Central Indiana that have low-slope roofs can expect to enjoy hearty energy savings during those sunny Hoosier summers.

Get Your Flat Roof In No Time Flat

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