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The need for a competent roof repair contractor is serious in the Indianapolis area. The full four seasons that we experience can quickly turn a perfectly good roof into something that is well worn or damaged in an instant.

At that point, it’s time to look for a good roofing repair contractor to make roof repairs or do a full roof replacement. If a full roof replacement needed, you can rest assured that our roofers have years of experience on a variety of roof types and are GAF-certified. GAF-certified means that we use only the finest roofing products available. Call the roof repair experts at Bryant Roofing Systems at 317-342-4050 or email us at [email protected].

tree damage

When it comes to roof repair, several different circumstances easily call for a roof repair. Here are four basic examples:

A Fallen Tree or Fallen Debris

A falling tree has crushed a hole in your roof, causing a hole to occur in the roof. Some of your shingles are missing, and your entire roof has caved.  If a large tree fell on your home, crushing your shingles, it can make your roof unstable. Even if your tree fell years ago, it may have roots still present and are eating away at your homes foundation. If your tree fell because of age, you may not be able to see where your tree hit your roof, but your neighbors will. While you can prevent trees from damaging your home by planting certain plants, you cannot completely protect against damage from falling debris.

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Leaking Roof

Your roof has started to leak. Due to a lack of waterproofing, and you do not know what caused the leak. A leaky roof is more than a temporary nuisance. A roof that leaks means that water is invading your home and potentially damaging various structural elements. Damage to these elements can be costly to fix if the leaky roof doesn’t get repaired. Water from a leaky roof may be causing rotting, mold and permanent damage to your home long before you notice spots on the wall and ceiling.

What Causes a Leaky Roof?

There could be a loose joint in the shingles, a loose roof shingle, or damage in the roof deck. You may have to repair, or replace all or part of your roof to fix the problem, so make sure you know what type of roof problem you face by speaking to an expert roof repair company.

roof rot

Roof Rot

Your roof is leaking because you have poor drainage. If you live in an area where rainwater seeps into the ground, it may be in danger of going underground and flooding your basement. To correct this problem, you may need to replace the main sewer line, drain field, or gutters to improve your soil drainage. Suppose the water is leaking directly into your attic. In that case, you will need to remove any wood or metal that may have accumulated beneath the surface and then build a new waterproof floor over the top of it.

roof replacement

A Roof Will Need to be Replaced Eventually

No matter what type of roof repair you are dealing with, your roof will eventually need to be replaced at some point in time. There are many reputable contractors available that can give you professional roof repair services, and guarantee that their work will be up to code and that their service will last for many years to come.

Observe Other Houses in Your Area

When you decide that you need to replace your roof, take a look around your neighborhood, and notice the general roof conditions of the other properties around you. The chances are that many other people are dealing with a similar roof problem as you, so take action now and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Hire a Roof Repair Contractor

The right roof repair contractor will inspect your roof for issues and will offer free estimates if necessary. Also, they will usually provide replacement shingles free of charge. Or offer a discount if the job is not completed on time or within the estimated time frame. If you are ready for a roof repair, give the team at Bryant Roofing Systems a call at 317-342-4050 or email us at [email protected]. We are as easy as searching “roof repair near me“.

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